Grey Horse Candle Fragrances


The crisp scent of fresh macintosh apples right from the tree! Inspired by the warm feeling we get when we bring our friend their favorite treat. Apples For Horses is a very fresh, sweet fragrance with a note of tartiness that will revitalize and energize your day while reminding you of your days spent at the barn! 

Fragrance notes: apples.


As your bond grows with your horse, so does your relationship with your barn friends. This special group of people are there for all the highs, lows, tears and laughter. When you fall, they pick you back up and when you fly, they are there cheering you on. This comradery and overall love of the horse is what brings together a barn family.

Fragrance notes: a woody base with cranberries & apples.


It is every equestrian's dream: just you and your horse galloping full speed down the beach. The fresh breeze, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the feeling of complete freedom. Whether you are lucky enough to have experienced the thrill of a beach ride, or you're still dreaming of your day in the surf, this fragrance will take you there! 

Fragrance notes:  Sea salt, jasmine, lilac & orange blossom.


Everyone loves the scent of a freshly bedded stall of cedar shavings. The aroma unfortunately doesn’t last long due to the spinning, pacing, and pawing of our 4-legged friends.  So here is your chance to bring that bag of shavings inside without your buddy's nuggets!

Fragrance notes: Cedar with a hint of vanilla.


You finally made it to the show, you had a decent ride, and you can now kick back and blow off some steam with your favourite peeps. It's the first time you've felt relaxed since you left the barn. Let the good times rolls and the drinks flow into a worry-free night. Sure, you might regret this in the morning, but you can worry about that then. Wait...did I drop feed?!

Fragrance notes: woodsy notes blended with grapes & red cherries.


What better way to start the day than in the saddle! There is something so calming about getting up before the sun rises to get an early start at the barn. This scent is for all the overly enthusiastic and seemingly crazy horse lovers who set their alarms for the crack of dawn to hack out, just you and your horse! 

Fragrance notes: Mint, pear & sage.


We all love summer but hate the pesky flies! The scent of Fly Spray will remind you of those endless summer days spent at the barn. This candle contains citronella, so you can burn it outdoors to actually keep the flies away! How nifty is that?

Fragrance notes: citronella.


It's an obsession that only other horse people understand: the fresh aroma of this season's first cutting, baled into a big bundle of happiness. Experience the sensation of a warm breeze blowing through freshly cut hay fields. Your horse will love it too!

Fragrance notes: hay meadow.


A scent that is inspired by those of us who love to spoil our ponies rotten! The ones who love just spending time with our horses so much more than actually riding. This fragrance includes the smell of fresh carrots, straight from the garden.

Fragrance notes: carrots, brown sugar, vanilla & cinnamon.


This candle is for the tack junkies: you know who you are! Your tack truck is overflowing with bits and bridles, saddle pads of every color, and you’d choose a trip to the tack store over the mall any day. Not many things excite you as much as the allure of a beautiful, well-made saddle... except for maybe the matching bridle. Now you can bring the scent of the entire tack store home with you!

Fragrance notes: leather.


We’ve all been there. Perfect day, perfect ride… until all of a sudden its not, and you find yourself face down in the dirt! But those of us who are truly dedicated pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and get right back in the saddle! Hopefully you at least ended up with a good story to tell!

This candle is inspired by all the bruised and broken equestrians out there who dare to get back up on their ponies! This one is a bit more of a novelty item, the scent actually smells like dirt! Fitting, right?

Fragrance notes: dirt.


There is nothing more peaceful than spending time with your horse after the sun goes down. Whether it is a quiet trail ride through the field with just you, your horse and the light of the moon, or just a visit to the barn to hug his neck and give him a cookie (and goodnight kisses!), seeing your horse is always the perfect ending to any day. This candle was inspired by those late night visits to the barn and the horses that make them special!

Fragrance notes: A woody base with amber, geranium, & musk.


All you really want to do is climb into bed, but you must make one final trip out to the barn. You grab your jacket, boots and a flashlight and start making your rounds. You throw a few more flakes of hay, top off the waters, and say goodnight to your special friends. As you turn the lights off and look up at the stars, you can't help but smile!

Fragrance notes: jasmine, honeysuckle, neroli, & mandarin blossoms.


Every horse knows the crinkling sound of a peppermint wrapper. It's quickly inhaled and they immediately start nudging you for another. This scent is inspired by that special treat you give your horse after a perfect ride!

Fragrance notes: peppermint & vanilla.


Whether you get caught in a spontaneous summer shower while hacking out on your favorite trail, or there is a torrential downpour during your riding lesson. Is there anything more exhilarating than frolicking in the rain on horseback? Just make sure to keep that fancy saddle dry! Oh, and watch out for horse-eating puddles!

Fragrance notes: fresh florals, citrus, lily of the valley & jasmine.


This is the day we’ve been practicing for! We get up early to bathe our horse, pack up our trailer, and hit the road to our favourite show venue. Your ride is probably over in 5.2 minutes, but you can relive the excitement and glory all over again with this scent. 

Fragrance notes: leather, grass & flowers.


Butterflies and wide-open eyes as you try to drift off to sleep. The morning finally arrives, and you haven't slept a wink since you spent all night frantically trying to remember if you packed everything. Cool, calm, and collected is the inspiration for this candle. Breathe deep and relax, you got this!

Fragrance notes: blend of lavender, fresh ozone and woody undertones.


Spring has sprung, the grass is sprouting, and you can finally stop worrying about messing with those silly hay bags. You’re now able to turn your horse back out into his green, glorious field! There is something so grand about the first day of spring since you know that horse show season is right around the corner! 

Fragrance notes: fresh green grass.


Every horse knows exactly when it's feeding time. Just walk into any barn and you'll hear the stomping and neighing of horses waiting impatiently for their food. But who can blame them? The sweet smell of molasses is sure to give anyone an appetite. This candle pays tribute to every horse’s favorite scent!

Fragrance notes: molasses, rich maple, fresh ginger, brown sugar, fig, cinnamon sticks, & vanilla.


We live for the weekends when we get to take our horses out of the arena and out on the trails. Imagine just you and your horse winding through the woods with nothing but the scent of fresh air and pine leaves. They say being outdoors is good for the soul but it's even better if you're out there with your horse!

Fragrance notes: eucalyptus, bayberry, moss & fir.


Inspired by the joy we get when we give our horse a bath! The spray of cool fresh water, the clean smell of soap, and that very short moment in time when your horse is completely clean. Sure, he’s going to go roll in the mud as soon as you turn him out, but it was still totally worth it for that one hug around his neck.

Fragrance notes: sweet pea.


As the snow begins to fall and the water troughs begin to freeze, it's time to head south. You pack up the trailer with your best friend (or two!) and start the voyage to your favorite destination. The fresh smell of oranges will surely remind you of the warm winter days spent competing during the winter circuit. 

Fragrance notes: fresh oranges.