Welcome to our collection of leg protection for horses! Whether you're looking for work boots to protect your horse's legs during training and competition, or therapy boots to promote healing and reduce inflammation, our collection has everything you need to keep your equine companion in top condition.

      Our collection includes a variety of work boots, from front and hind leg boots to fetlock boots and splint boots, all designed to provide superior protection and support for your horse's legs. Made with top-quality materials such as neoprene or faux fur, and impact-resistant plastic, our work boots are built to withstand the toughest conditions and protect your horse's legs from impact and abrasion.

      In addition to our work boots, we also offer a variety of therapy boots, including knee boots, hock boots, and Royal Quick Wraps, all made with Back on Track's signature Welltex fabric. These boots work by reflecting your horse's body heat back as infrared radiation, which helps to increase circulation and reduce inflammation in the joints and muscles.

      Whether you're dealing with an injury or simply want to help prevent one, our therapy boots provide gentle yet effective support and protection for your horse's legs, while our work boots offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing your horse is well-protected during training and competition.

      So if you're looking for reliable, high-quality leg protection for your horse, our collection has everything you need. Browse our selection today and give your horse the support and protection they need to perform their best, no matter what discipline you ride.