BetaVet strives to lead the way in natural equine health and support for performance horses with a wide range of equine therapeutic natural supplements to maximise potential in horses, providing competitive edge with natural plant based products.

      BetaVet endeavours to provide optimum results in natural animal healthcare with focus on a total commitment to quality to ensure an efficacious product.

      This commitment is evidenced in the rigorous sourcing and testing of raw materials and herb active constituents to set a high standard for equine and animal products.

      All their botanical ingredients are tested for authenticity, potency, and purity to ensure that they are only using the best ingredients to gain the best results.

      BetaVet products have been developed in conjunction with veterinarian advice, leading riders and race horse trainers to provide the optimum benefit for your horses. This cycle is continuous, and we are constantly striving for improvement in all aspects of our business. To this end BetaVet has moved into its own purpose-built manufacturing facility to guarantee high quality assurance in the manufacture of products.

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