Features & Specs - Tumblers


  • Each cup holds 20oz, exactly the size of a venti Starbucks coffee cup!
  • The pattern is printed directly onto the tumbler’s surface, which means no peeling or fading!
  • Each tumbler has an insulated, double-wall design that keeps your drink at the temperature it’s supposed to be!

*Note: Tumblers are spill-resistant but not spill-proof and should remain upright. 


Insulated, double-wall, stainless steel tumblers and are BPA free and with a slide close lid, metal straw and non-slip base.


The high-quality dye-sublimation print gives a vibrant finish that lasts —no peeling as it is printed directly onto the surface, unlike vinyl or wraps.


These beautiful tumblers can hold up to 20oz (590mls) of a hot or cold beverage.