Ultimate Guide to Hoof Care: Top Products Unveiled

hoof care

In the realm of equine care, where every detail matters, Carr & Day & Martin stand as a beacon of excellence. Focused on the well-being of your noble companions, the brand's line of hoof care products is a testament to their commitment to the art and science of equestrian care. Let's embark on a journey through their hoof care arsenal, each product a vital note in the symphony of equine elegance.

Cornucopia of Care: The Heart of Hoof Maintenance
  • Cornucrescine Hoof Supplement: Nourishment from Within This supplement is the foundation of strong and healthy hooves. Enriched with essential nutrients, it supports hoof growth and resilience from the inside out. A must-have for those who believe in proactive care.
  • Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment: A Timeless Classic Unveiling the magic of traditional care, this hoof ointment is a cherished remedy for dry, cracked hooves. Its time-tested formula not only repairs damage but also promotes overall hoof health.
  • Cornucrescine Hoof Barrier: A Shield Against the Elements When the elements challenge hoof integrity, this barrier stands as the ultimate guardian. Whether in wet or dry weather, it provides a protective shield, maintaining the delicate balance between hydration and dryness.


Dry Weather Salvation: Cornucrescine Hoof Moisturiser In the face of arid conditions, this moisturiser becomes a soothing balm for parched hooves. With its hydrating properties, it ensures that your horse's hooves remain supple and resistant to the challenges posed by dry weather.

Seal Hoof Damage with Vanner & Prest Hoof Tar For those moments when hoof damage calls for a seal of protection, Vanner & Prest Hoof Tar steps in. This product not only mends but seals, offering a robust defense against external aggressors. A true ally in the battle for hoof health.

Wet Weather Resilience: Cornucrescine Hoof Barrier Revisited The Cornucrescine Hoof Barrier is not confined to dry weather alone. Its versatile formulation also acts as a stalwart defender during wet conditions. Whether facing the scorching sun or the relentless rain, your horse's hooves are shielded with this multifaceted barrier.

Hoof Shine Elegance: The Final Flourish Completing the Carr & Day & Martin hoof care ensemble is the Hoof Shine. Elevating the aesthetic appeal of your horse's hooves, this product adds the finishing touch, leaving a brilliant shine that mirrors the health and vitality within.

Carr & Day & Martin's hoof care products form a comprehensive and thoughtful collection, addressing every nuance of equine hoof care. From the foundational nutrition provided by the Cornucrescine Hoof Supplement to the protective embrace of the Hoof Barrier, each product plays a crucial role in ensuring the health, resilience, and beauty of your horse's hooves. With Carr & Day & Martin, hoof care becomes not just a routine but a harmonious ensemble, nurturing the well-being of your cherished equine companion.