Ultimate Grooming Duo

ultimate grooming duo

Adding Canter Mane & Tail and Dreamcoat to your grooming routine will have your horse looking silky, shiny and smell great from head to tail.

Enhance your horses grooming routine and make them stand out by incorporating Canter Mane & Tail and Dreamcoat. The Ultimate grooming duo are essentials to make grooming at home easy and to have them looking their best on competition day.

Canter Mane & Tail

A fantastic product to keep your horse mane and tail sleep, tangle free and luxuriously soft. The leave in spray conditioner is a powerful detangler while also adding condition to make brushing easier and to prevent breakage, helping to maintain a healthy mane and tail. Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner leaves an immaculate, oil-free shine is another advantage, as it ensures your horse looks polished and show-ready without the greasy residue that some other products may leave behind. A must-have grooming essential for horse owners who want to keep their horse’s mane and tail in top-notch condition, ensuring they look and feel their best. With such a popular and well-regarded product in your grooming arsenal, your horse is bound to stand out from the crowd on competition days and always look stunning.


Dreamcoat will have you achieve a stunning high gloss finish for your horse’s coat. Producing a non-greasy shine is a significant advantage, as it ensures that your horse’s coat looks radiant and lustrous without any unwanted residue. The non-slip formula is particularly important when applying products to areas like the saddle patch, as you wouldn’t want the saddle to slip or slide during riding or competition. With Dreamcoat’s non-slip formula, you can be confident that your horse’s back remains secure and comfortable. Its ability to highlight muscle definition is a fantastic feature, particularly for competition days when you want your horse to look their best. A glossy and well-defined coat can make your horse stand out and leave a lasting impression on judges and spectators alike.

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