Muscle Support and Comfort: Unlocking the Benefits of Equine Exercise Sheets

Introducing the Back On Track Therapeutic Exercise Sheet, a versatile horse blanket designed to cover your horse's hindquarters and provide comfort during rides. Whether you call it a quarter sheet, an exercise rug, a riding blanket, or a competition sheet, this essential piece of equipment helps keep your horse cozy and ensures the vital muscle mass of the quarters remains warm and dry, especially in cold or inclement weather. It is particularly beneficial for horses that are clipped and constantly blanketed.

Crafted from high-quality Fleece with Welltex® technology, which uses your horse’s body energy to create an infrared thermal effect. The sheet is breathable and wicks away moisture and sweat. It fits around the saddle and has a tail strap to keep it in place. Reflective strips in the rear corners offer increased visibility and safety.

The use of an exercise rug depends on various factors such as the horse's physical condition, whether they are clipped, the intensity of the ride, and the ambient temperature. It can be worn during the warm-up phase to prevent hot muscles from getting chilled and then replaced at the end of the workout. Alternatively, it can be worn throughout the entire ride, especially for outdoor work or trail riding.

Exercise sheets often have a cutout design to accommodate the rider's seat and saddle, allowing them to be worn over or under the rider's thighs. The contoured hemline ensures direct contact between the rider's lower legs and the horse's barrel.

When selecting the right size for your quarter sheet, refer to the sizing chart. The Back On Track Therapeutic Exercise Sheets come in the same sizes as their rugs. It is crucial to ensure the sheet is roomy enough for your horse to move naturally without restriction, but not excessively loose to avoid shifting or having excess fabric that could potentially catch on objects.

Choose the Back On Track Therapeutic Exercise Sheet for your horse's utmost comfort and protection during rides. This versatile accessory is designed to keep your horse warm, dry, and content, enabling you to focus on enjoying your equestrian activities.