Calm Your Nervous, Spooky or High-Strung Horse: Top Products and Tips

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Are you struggling to keep your nervous, spooky or highly strung horse relaxed and focused during training sessions or competitions? It can be challenging to manage a horse that's easily distracted, anxious, or reactive, but there are effective products available that can help you achieve a calmer, more concentrated ride.

We'll introduce you to five top-rated products that horse owners and trainers have used successfully to relax and soothe nervous horses: BetaVet SteadySteed, Back on Track's Horse Bonnets, Poll Cover & Poll Cap and Equine International's Pomms Ear Plugs.

We'll explain the unique features and benefits of each product, how they work to reduce stress and improve focus, and what situations they're most suitable for. We'll also share some tips on how to use them effectively and safely, and how to integrate them into your training routine.

Whether you're preparing for a show, working on a new skill, or simply want to help your horse feel more comfortable and confident, these products can make a significant difference in your horse's behaviour and performance. Don't let anxiety or distractions ruin your ride - try these top-rated solutions today!

BetaVet SteadySteed

BetaVet SteadySteed

BetaVet SteadySteed is a natural calming supplement that can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation in horses. It contains a blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that work together to support the horse's nervous system and balance mood.

Benefits: SteadySteed is designed to help horses maintain focus and calmness without drowsiness or performance impairment. It can be used for a variety of situations, such as trailering, competing, or training.

Tips for use: Administer 1 scoop (30g) twice daily for a minimum of 5-7 days before the event or stressful situation. The supplement can be mixed with the horse's feed or given orally with a syringe. It's important to follow the recommended dosage and consult with your veterinarian before use.

Back on Track's Horse Bonnets, Poll Cover & Poll Cap


Back on Track's products are made with Welltex fabric, a ceramic-infused material that reflects the horse's body heat back as far-infrared waves. This can help improve blood flow and reduce muscle tension, which can lead to relaxation and focus.

Benefits: These products can help relieve tension in the poll and neck area, which can be a common source of discomfort and distraction for some horses. The bonnets can also reduce noise sensitivity and distractions caused by insects or other stimuli.

Tips for use: All products can be worn during riding or turnout. It's important to ensure a proper fit and not leave them on for extended periods or in hot weather. The products are machine washable and should be air-dried.

Other products to consider: Back On track's products have a calming affect so your horse would also benefit from their therapeutic saddle pads, and halter and rugs pre and post workouts.

Equine International's Pomms Ear Plugs

Pomms Ear Plugs

Equine International's Pomms Ear Plugs are foam earplugs designed to reduce noise and distractions. They come in different sizes and colours to fit different horses' ears and preferences.

Benefits: Pomms Ear Plugs can help reduce the horse's sensitivity to loud noises, such as crowds, music, or fireworks. They can also reduce distractions caused by wind, insects, or other environmental factors.

Tips for use: Insert the earplugs into the horse's ears before the event or stressful situation. It's important to ensure a proper fit and not insert them too deeply. The earplugs can be cleaned with soap and water and should be replaced if they become damaged or dirty.

Integrating these products into your training routine can be a helpful tool to keep your horse relaxed and focused. However, it's important to remember that these products are not a substitute for proper training, conditioning, and care. Always consult with your veterinarian or trainer before using any new products or techniques on your horse.