Benefits of Horse Leg Wraps: Supporting Your Horse's Wellbeing

therapeutic horse leg wraps

Horse leg wraps are an essential part of any equine care routine. They offer a variety of benefits, from preventing injuries during exercise to aiding in recovery after strenuous activity. But with so many options available, choosing the right horse leg wraps can be overwhelming. This article delves into the advantages of therapeutic horse leg wraps and explores specific Back on Track products that can help your horse thrive.

horse leg wraps - royal quick wraps

Promoting Recovery with Increased Blood Circulation

One of the key benefits of therapeutic horse leg wraps is their ability to improve circulation. Products like the Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps utilise Welltex technology, a unique fabric blend that reflects the horse's own body heat. This gentle infrared radiation is believed to increase blood flow. Enhanced circulation can significantly aid in the healing process by:

  • Delivering more oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, which accelerates recovery.
  • Flushing away waste products that can hinder healing.
  • Reducing muscle soreness and stiffness after exercise.


  • Use horse leg wraps with Welltex technology like the Back on Track Royal Quick Wraps for 20-30 minutes after exercise to promote optimal recovery.
  • Consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations on wrap application time and frequency based on your horse's individual needs.
horse leg wraps - royal padded hock boots

Reducing Swelling and Inflammation for Improved Comfort

Horse leg wraps can also be highly effective in managing swelling and inflammation. Whether your horse is recovering from an injury, suffers from chronic arthritis, or experiences occasional leg puffiness, therapeutic wraps can provide much-needed relief.

Products like the Back on Track Royal Padded Hock Boots offer gentle compression that helps to:

  • Minimise fluid buildup in the legs.
  • Reduce pressure on inflamed tissues.
  • Improve lymphatic drainage to promote healing.


  • Choose horse leg wraps with the appropriate level of compression. Wraps that are too tight can restrict circulation, while loose wraps won't offer enough support.
  • Monitor your horse's legs closely while using wraps. Signs of discomfort, such as pawing or restlessness, might indicate the wraps are too tight or need to be adjusted.
pads under horse leg wraps

Providing Support and Protection for Active Horses

Horse leg wraps aren't just for recovery! They can also play a vital role in preventing injuries during exercise and competition.

Products like the Back on Track Scandic PK Leg Pads offer valuable support for tendons and ligaments by:

  • Providing mild compression to stabilise the joints.
  • Absorbing shock from impact, reducing the risk of strain.
  • Protecting sensitive areas from bumps and scrapes.


  • Invest in a variety of horse leg wraps to suit your horse's specific needs. Consider using lighter support wraps like the Back on Track Therapeutic Horse Fleece Polo Bandages for everyday training and reserving more robust options for intense workouts or jumping disciplines.
  • Ensure proper fit for all horse leg wraps to maximise effectiveness and prevent discomfort.
fleece horse leg wraps


Horse leg wraps are a versatile tool for any horse owner. From promoting recovery and reducing inflammation to providing support and protection, therapeutic wraps can significantly contribute to your horse's overall health and wellbeing. Back on Track offers a range of high-quality horse leg wraps designed to meet your equine partner's specific needs.

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